Insurance Pre-Licensing Classes

Property and Casualty / Life and Health / Bail Bonds
Your Key to passing the Idaho State Insurance Exam Since 1990


  • Increase your chances of passing the insurance exam the first time!
  • Live classroom instruction
  • Reduce your study time
  • Gain confidence in your ability to pass the exam
  • $15,000 penalty for transacting insurance without a license

During this class we will review what you need to know to pass Idaho State Licensing Exam.

Classes Include:

  • Classroom Instruction
  • Pre-Study Outline
  • Practice Exams
  • “Silver Key Guarantee”

To qualify for the “Silver Key Guarantee” you must:

  • Complete pre-study outline, including pretests
  • Take and Pass the Exam Simulator prior to taking the state exam.
  • Take the State Exam within 10 days of attending my class

If you don’t pass the State Exam, I’ll pay for you to take it again!

*You can take the State Exam until you pass, However, I will only pay for you to re-take one exam and you must re-take the exam within 10 days of your first test date.

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Read the experience of others who have taken this class

  • Dear Robert,
    In addition to requesting the testing center information so I can schedule my exams, I wanted to say thank you for being so entertaining in class and making insurance a little more exciting to learn about. I hope all of our class members pass with flying colors!

    For whatever reason, I don’t seem to have the name, address or phone number of the testing center for me to schedule my exams. Do you have this information? If so, could you be so kind to provide it to me? I would greatly appreciate it!
    Thanks again for everything! I look forward to hearing from you soon!

  • Thanks Robert. I enjoyed the class and your instruction. When I get the chance, I will recommend.

    Take care!

    Thank you!

  • Great class! I will certainly recommend it to anyone who may ask!
    Hope I never see you again!

  • Just so you know…I passed today…Wahoo!!! and Thanks for your help!!! Some pretty crazy questions on the Casualty section… ;-)

    Have a super day…and if all goes well…I will be contacting you for the Life and Heath part sometime soon…

  • Hello Robert,

    I just wanted to let you know that I took the P&C exam after taking your class. I passed ethics and property the first time but had to retake the Casualty exam. I passed the casualty exam the 2nd time taking it. Thanks for the class!

  • Hi Robert- when could we arrange a class for the Idaho Falls area? I have 5-7 to put thru. You said you’d cut me a scream’n deal. Let me know when you can come over.

    Have a great day.

  • Hi Robert,
    It is just me again …. I just thought you might like to know that I went to Coeur d’Alene on Saturday to take my tests (Property and Casualty). I PASSED!! Can you believe that??

    Well, I would like to “Thank You” for sending that little post card to my office and for having your class and teaching me everything that I needed to know.
    I would recommend your class to anyone that I know that is looking to get licensed.

    I hope that you Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

  • Robert

    Thank you so much for your time on the phone last night. I have registered my CSR. Her name is ________. I also have mailed a check to you today. I would appreciate getting the book as soon as possible so she can begin reading the material

    Again thank you and I hope she does well.

  • Hi Robert,

    Yes, I would definitely be interested in doing your class in CDA if you can. That would be great for me!! I would like to get the Life and Disability study material from you if I can. Let me know …. I would be very interested in, otherwise was considering the one in Boise in December. Let me know as soon as possible.

    Hello, I was one of your students. I took the property & casualty exam and was only able to pass the laws and ethics portions of both exams. I was wondering if you still have some of the disk available for studying. I believe that I need a little more help understanding the difference of the H policies.

  • Robert,

    Thanks for being a great teacher! Your class was very helpful. I took my property and casualty exams on Saturday and passed both of them.

    Thanks again.

  • Hi Robert,

    I just wanted to “Thank You” for coming to Coeurd’Alene to do the class ….. I really appreciate you doing that! That was so much more convenient for me than Boise. I also wanted to Thank you for getting my room discounted, that was very nice of you to do that! :) I think that the class was great and I think that it has helped me alot in getting ready for the exam.

    I will not be taking the exam on Dec. 2nd. I did not feel like I was ready for that yet. I still have several of your tests that I have not mastered yet. But I have been doing the CD alot and I have also done the simulated exam on it and got an 89% on the Idaho Casualty and a 87% on the Idaho Property at this time. That has also helped show me where I need to study more.

    Well, I just wanted to say “Thank You” and I really enjoyed your class and am looking forward to taking more classed from you!!